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Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London

12:24 pm - September 26, 2014

London Winter Wonderland 2014

The crispy London winter is something to look forward to. The city heats up as the temperatures drops!

One of the biggest and exhilarating winter events is the Winter Wonderland Hyde Park London. The show goes on approximately for two months. People in and around the country visit London to celebrate winter with zest & zeal.

The Winter Wonderland is organised in one of London’s famous parks called Hyde Park. The location is ideal for visitors. It is situated in central London, near Marble Arch and Oxford Street. As the venue is centrally located transport & accommodation can easily be arranged in the nearby area.

The event has a variety of things to look for. It includes a lot of fun-packed happenings, children’s activities, skating, electric rides, food stalls, shopping spots and the list goes on. Food stalls serve Chinese, Japanese, English, Indian, Turkish, Italian, Mexican and Spanish cuisines.

There are 3D cinemas arranges for children. Tickets are affordable. There are giant ice statues which are the centre of attraction for all age groups. The shops display beautiful jewellery, decoration pieces, stuffed toys, clothes, utensils, cutlery and similar stuff -something for Everyone!

Music and dance performances are an integral part of the event. The group of bands, singers, dancers and musicians perform in a variety of shows.

You will definitely be spoilt with choice and in case you need help there are help desks located everywhere to provide you information and recommendations. Spend a penny or thousands, fun is guaranteed!!

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