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Why Should Hotels Use Social Media?

11:29 am - February 19, 2015

Social Media has become a trend nowadays by playing a significant role in connecting with the guests and being a source of increasing guest satisfaction levels. The Hotel companies are creating business pages on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google Plus and YouTube which has become essential in order to make your presence online. It’s an area which is expanding its continuously but before boarding on to all these channels we first have to analyse which medium would suite our business.

Hotel industry uses social media to interact with guests and also for marketing purposes. Review sites are another essential part of this medium through which we can track the negative comments and not just increase customer satisfaction but also convert angry guests into loyal customers.

Social media and review sites play a vital role in customer’s travel decision making. Good reviews will attract more customers and the presentation of hotel’s valuable content on these sites plays a vital role in increasing direct revenue too. Blogs are important to keep the hotel’s website alive and bring in more visitors.

Create content according to your target audience. Sharing the videos, images, feedback, ratings and blogs on social media plays a great role in marketing and advertising and also keeps your guests updated. It will increase your online presence. After all they say, if Google doesn’t find you no one can!

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