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Hoping to Enjoy London’s Holiday Festivities? Find Holiday Packages

4:32 pm - December 9, 2013

Airplane in FlightEvery year, tourists generate £15 million in revenue for London. While many come to see the world renowned Natural History Museum or Abbey Road, a musical mecca for Beatles fans, many more come to enjoy the sights of London during the Christmas season.

London Holiday Attractions

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world around Christmas time. The already bustling metropolis comes alive as shops pop up around the city, evoking images of Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley. It’s no surprise that many of the 30 million people the city draws in every year, according to Visit Britain, come here just for the Christmas celebrations.

  • World Renowned Christmas Lights
    As TimeOut.com shows, few cities in the world feature a spectacle of holiday lights quite like London. Whether it’s Trafalgar Square or the Carnaby Christmas in Soho, London offers a variety of enchanting light shows not found elsewhere.
  • Skating at Canary Wharf
    One of the city’s favorite holiday pastimes is ice skating at Canada Square Park in Canary Wharf. Framed by the area’s sky-grappling architecture, this 1,100 square meter rink features an ice-side bar, a glittering path illuminated by Christmas lights, and an experience rivaled by no other.

Find Holiday Packages and Save
Whether you’re heading to London for the Christmas lights and ice skating, or to visit with family, it’s already hard enough to save money for presents and holiday meals without worrying about expensive hotel reservations. Luckily, finding holiday packages for travel savings isn’t impossible. It may take some time and some digging, but there are ways to find holiday packages and greatly reduce your travel costs.

    • Get Started as Early as Possible
      The best way to find any holiday packages for your pan-Atlantic travels is by getting started early – the earlier the better, in fact. The sad truth, as Smarter Travel writes, is that the closer you get to the event, the higher the prices you will likely pay for hotel rooms, plane tickets, and other travel services.
    • Use a Meta-search to Compare Prices
      Meta-searches are the single most powerful web-based tool for finding great holiday packages to save on hotel accommodations and airfare. By searching multiple services at once, you can easily compare prices against each other. For example, to fly from JFK in New York City to Heathrow in the United Kingdom costs $2,007, if you fly with Delta today. On the other hand, flying with Turkish Airways will save you over a thousand dollars, with ticket fares as low as $945. This can make your flight and hotel search much easier.
    • Use a Travel Agency
      As Independent Traveler points out, travel agencies remain one of the best ways to find holiday deals. Since their paycheck depends on their seeing to your every travel need, they are more willing than others to find you the best deals for your holiday vacation. Further, since many big travel agencies, AAA and the like, maintain deals with credit card companies, hotels, and airlines, they can often offer you more affordable travel arrangements than if you had booked on your own.

Whether you’re coming home to London or just trying something new for the holidays, there are easy ways to find great holiday packages. When you find cheap hotel prices, you can breathe easier as you enjoy the skating, shopping, and other entertainment the city has to offer.

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