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Edgware Road: The Crowned Jewel of London

1:37 pm - May 12, 2014


As a visitor, there can’t be anything more exciting than to be part of a historical journey. In the royal history of London, Edgware Road has always been one of the greatest destinations of the world. Here you can find a cultural mix of almost all countries.

The past of Edgware Road is a remarkable one, starting from Celtic Britons during sylvan beginnings, to the Romans, when the forest track built by Celtics was turned into Watling Street. If you visit here, you will come to know how magnificent this place really is.What could be more exciting than to visit the home where cricket was born, the Lord’s Cricket Ground? Would you like to know about how gentlemen’s game evolved with ‘The MCC Museum’. You certainly won’t want to miss out having your picture taken crossing Abbey Road, the zebra crossing made famous after appearing on a Beatles album cover.

Edgware Road is considered as one of the crowned jewels of London. Here you can find a range of places that would pop your eyes and mouth open. This is because the beauty of London, especially Edgware Road, speaks for itself.

If you are planning to stay in a contemporary setting with minimum amount of budget in hand, try Comfort Inn Edgware Road Hotel. You can’t have a better location than that, plus you can also enjoy all the sights and scenes nearby: Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner and Oxford Street are literally at the end of the road. Regent’s Park, Little Venice, and Abbey Road are just a short walk.
To make it even better for your convenience, the hotel offers high-speed internet, full air conditioned rooms and free continental breakfast. Comfort Inn Edgware Road won’t be a burden to your pocket but will help in ways to save what you earn.
The hotel has excellent transport links to and from the main landmarks in the capital: Paddington and the Heathrow Express, Piccadilly Circus and Baker Street, Camden Lock, Soho, Kensington and Victoria. You can enjoy evening and matinee shows daily in the heart of London’s West End.

You must visit this multicultural place and witness the reason behind its fame. If you choose to stay at Comfort Inn Edgware Road, you are going to witness history with a touch of modernism, so pack your bags and get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

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