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Father’s Love: Something Money Can’t Buy

9:20 am - May 28, 2014

Father’s love is one of many irreplaceable things you could ever find in God’s green earth. You can’t compare the sentiments of fatherhood with anything else, even if you want to. Do you remember keeping him awake all night without knowing that he has to show up for work the next day? You don’t have the slightest of idea what he has gone through to shape you into the person you are today. Perhaps you were too young to understand this.

If you believe that buying him the island of his dream would pay the debt of his love, think again. You can’t replicate what your father has done for you over the years, no matter how hard you try. In fact, he will never ask or expect anything in return. However, just a mere acknowledgement might get the job done to make him feel special.

Public life

Many countries such as United Kingdom celebrates Father’s Day the third Sunday of June It isn’t a bank holiday, which means is a day with normal routines and transport shops, restaurants, and pubs are open to the general public. Thus, you may have a chance to sit down with your father somewhere for a celebration meal and appreciate what he has done for the family and yourself.


Various claims regarding tracing the presence of Father’s day back in history have been made. A number of people are of the opinion that it all started when some of the branches of paganism claimed sun as ‘Father of the Universe’. Another claim about initial celebration dates back to thousands year ago when a boy in Babylon gave a message to his father by carving a piece of claim.

However, the official celebration of first ever father’s day goes back to 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd was the first to initiate Father’s Day while attending Mother’s Day sermon in a church. Ellen, her mother, passed away while giving birth. Since then her father William Jackson raised her up till she was 27 years old. He was a farmer and soldier of the civil war but preferred to spend quality time with Sonora.

She also sought support from the officials of the government, Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), local churches and shopkeepers. This historic cause was also backed by Washington State, President of USA Woodrow Wilson and Calvin Coolidge and urged other state governments to follow Father’s Day.

Show You Appreciate the Efforts of Your Father

One of the scariest feelings as a child might be to know that your father is keeping an eye you. However, behind that stern look in the eye, is a soft-hearted man who doesn’t want you to show how dearly he loves you.

What to give him this summer

As said earlier, father’s love can’t be compared to anything in the world, however you may look to appreciate him by giving him something unique and special. The best thing you can give to him quality time. Try any of the following things that will turn your father’s day very special.

Father’s Day Activities

Art Gallery and Museum Visit
Give your father surprise of a lifetime by taking him to history buffs, big museum, or an art gallery. This is an ideal choice if you want pump up his heart as well as you can spend quality time with him.

For Sports Lover Dad

London and sports have a lot in common, they are made for each other. If your father is a sport lover, what better than to bring him to one of London’s iconic stadia. Definitely well worth a visit, try a visit to MCC or head to Lords Ground for exciting cricketing action.

Father’s Day Meal

As the saying goes “The way to a man’s heart is his stomach,” similar is the case with your father. A father’s day meal is an ideal choice and is a secret ingredient to win your dad’s heart. Look for the best places offering the best meals in the city, it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Edgware Road: The Crowned Jewel of London

1:37 pm - May 12, 2014


As a visitor, there can’t be anything more exciting than to be part of a historical journey. In the royal history of London, Edgware Road has always been one of the greatest destinations of the world. Here you can find a cultural mix of almost all countries.

The past of Edgware Road is a remarkable one, starting from Celtic Britons during sylvan beginnings, to the Romans, when the forest track built by Celtics was turned into Watling Street. If you visit here, you will come to know how magnificent this place really is.What could be more exciting than to visit the home where cricket was born, the Lord’s Cricket Ground? Would you like to know about how gentlemen’s game evolved with ‘The MCC Museum’. You certainly won’t want to miss out having your picture taken crossing Abbey Road, the zebra crossing made famous after appearing on a Beatles album cover.

Edgware Road is considered as one of the crowned jewels of London. Here you can find a range of places that would pop your eyes and mouth open. This is because the beauty of London, especially Edgware Road, speaks for itself.

If you are planning to stay in a contemporary setting with minimum amount of budget in hand, try Comfort Inn Edgware Road Hotel. You can’t have a better location than that, plus you can also enjoy all the sights and scenes nearby: Marble Arch, Hyde Park Corner and Oxford Street are literally at the end of the road. Regent’s Park, Little Venice, and Abbey Road are just a short walk.
To make it even better for your convenience, the hotel offers high-speed internet, full air conditioned rooms and free continental breakfast. Comfort Inn Edgware Road won’t be a burden to your pocket but will help in ways to save what you earn.
The hotel has excellent transport links to and from the main landmarks in the capital: Paddington and the Heathrow Express, Piccadilly Circus and Baker Street, Camden Lock, Soho, Kensington and Victoria. You can enjoy evening and matinee shows daily in the heart of London’s West End.

You must visit this multicultural place and witness the reason behind its fame. If you choose to stay at Comfort Inn Edgware Road, you are going to witness history with a touch of modernism, so pack your bags and get ready for a journey of a lifetime.

A Londoner’s Diary for Summer 2014

11:38 am - April 17, 2014

Summer Time in Regents Park London

People Enjoying the Weather in Regents Park London

Spring has definitely sprung in the Capital’s lap and with it brings all the tremendous colours of life. London being one of the world’s leading tourist’s destinations, attracts approximately 15.3 million international visitors yearly. It has a houseful of events to be graced your presence. So, are you prepared to be a Londoner this summer? If yes, you’ve made a perfect choice since London is beaming with some electrifying events and you better sort out your diary soon for the upcoming fun-packed months!

May 2014 brings the FA Cup Final for football lovers, and who isn’t one? The final day of the Premier League season is on Sunday, 11th May. This proceeds  to the magical day when the FA Cup final will be played at the Wembley Stadium on  Saturday, 17th May 2014.

Have an enchanting experience at the award winning Open Air Theatre Regent’s  Park which kicks off in May and continues to amuse us till 6th September 2014. The  level of enjoyment is beyond the park hence tackling with music, comedy and film  in a serene atmosphere.

Massive celebrations ahead with Taste of London commencing on 20th – 23rd June  2014 and Wimbledon taking place on June 23rd extending till 6th July 2014. London Events of summer 2014 are going to be extra special due to the promising entertainment and energy they possess and of course the London weather seems to be in our favour too.

Surely, we readily agree with your point; numerous exciting events equal to large crowds which is proportional to low accommodation availability resulting in higher hotel prices… But don’t lose hope; because there are so many Central London Hotels who still take guest satisfaction and comfort as their utmost priority and are selling hotel rooms on a reasonable price this summer.

Grab your place and celebrate the return of your favorite season in London!




Unique Ideas for Mother’s Day 2014

10:11 am - March 11, 2014

Mothering Sunday, 30th March is few blocks down the time road. It’s that phase of the year where one honours ‘Her’ with gifts, cards or a simple ‘Thank You’ for being the beautiful ‘Her’. Don’t worry if you haven’t planned anything yet because we’re going to bombard you with whole lot of exclusive ideas to consider for this occasion.

Mother’s Day now a days expands to honouring grandmothers, stepmothers and mother-in-laws too.Common Mother’s Day gifts are cards, cakes, chocolates but if you really want to do something different yet inexpensive you may consider spending a quiet evening with her in a London restaurant dedicating her the quality time. Most of the London restaurants have created a special menu for Foodie Mums. Make sure you book a table in advance for your one!

Have you thought of a boat tripon River Thames? Why not awake that child in her, which may have been snoozing till now, with an exotic ride on the blue water. London weather seems to be kind on us too so it’s time she gets that exceptional treatment.

Alternatively, for an ultimate day of de-stressing book her a full Spa treat day, she’ll definitely cherish that. There are a range of online packages to benefit from… just a click away!

If she is a cinema lover, now is the perfect time to pamper her. There are all types of genres available this spring be it horror, romantic, action, adventure, fantasy or comedy; the big screen has it all lined up.

For Outdoorsy Mums, send her for an unforgettable getaway accompanied by someone of her choice. Book her an exhilarating weekend away in one of the hotels in Central London which will undeniably contribute to her positive experience. To mark this special occasion most of the London Hotels are paying tribute to mothers out there in their own specific way.

Idyllic Romantic Getaway on Valentine’s Day:

1:34 pm - February 10, 2014