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Top Amenities Families Need

2:22 pm - June 18, 2014

Are there several families staying in your hotel? What top amenities are you providing to the family customers? Are they up to their expectations? These are some of the questions, many visitors with families consider if they are staying at your hotel.

What the visitors really search for during their stay at the hotel is overall family-friendly atmosphere, well-utilized wall space, storage, child safety features, sleeping solutions, family-friendly bathroom, food preparation and eating space and free Wi-Fi and charging stations.


Role of Management in facilitation

The management’s role is vital in making or breaking a guest’s visit to their hotel. Even if they do not get what is expected, most guests will appreciate the team’s effort of going out of their way to fulfil their desire. It’s all about understanding the customer behaviour and trying to do the best you can. Sometimes things are not in your control for example other noises pollution but your certainly take a step to minimise the problem.


Kids Customer Service:

There are many ways you can make the kids feel at home at your hotel. The premier responsibility obviously is of the parents. But the hotel management has to ensure maximum safety for the travellers with kids too. There are small things the hotel contribute to for instance including kids menu to the list or providing a children books in the rooms etc.

At the end of the day, the hotel management or staff must know how to deal with the visitor family. A traveller’s family cannot compromise on sleep which is very obvious. The management of the hotel must quickly respond to ensure all problems are resolved during the guests stay so they can leave the hotel with memories to cherish. But sometimes things cannot be in your hands and don’t feel bad if you know you have gone out of your way to fix them but couldn’t make a difference. At least you tried!