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Enjoy London’s Rich History, and a Breath-Taking View

7:41 pm - November 22, 2013

London TourismDid you know that in 2011, London attracted approximately 15.3 million tourists from all over the world? London boasts a rich history, beautifully styled architecture, and some of the most famous scenes from pop culture. Enjoy all of these things while staying in one of many central London hotels, conveniently located just minutes away from London’s best attractions. Ask yourself the following questions, and plan an unforgettable London holiday.

Do You Like Architecture?

If the answer is “yes,” make a point of seeing some of London’s finest historical and modern architecture. The current frame and structure of Westminster Abbey, for example, dates way back to 1245. That same year, Henry III chose the abbey for the site of his burial. Today, Westminster Abbey continues to host burial ceremonies for monarchs, poets, composers, scientists, and more. Oliver Cromwell, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, and Thomas Hardy are all buried at Westminster Abbey. The abbey also hosts coronations, royal weddings, and guided tours. The most recent royal wedding, the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton, was held two years ago, on April 29, 2011.

If modern architecture is your thing, on the other hand, consider making hotel reservations near the London Eye. The London Eye opened in 1999, and it remains the largest Ferris wheel in Europe today. The London Eye reaches heights of up to 443 feet, giving locals and tourists alike a unique, sky-high view of the city.

How Do You Feel About Books and Music?

Many hotels in central London, or hotels near Edgware Road, are located right next to famous scenes from pop culture. J.K. Rowling and the world famous Harry Potter series inspired a permanent change to London’s King’s Cross Station. The station now flaunts a sign between platforms nine and 10, marking the fictional Platform Nine and Three-Quarters. The site also features a seemingly vanishing trolley, with Harry’s trunks and Hedwig’s cage stacked on top. Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is a popular photo opportunity for tourists of all ages.

Fans of the Beatles will want to visit Abbey Road, home to the eponymous studios and a fantastic photo op for those who want to recreate the iconic scene of the Fab Four walking in the crosswalk.

Book hotel reservations, or choose from a number of convenient holiday packages, and begin planning a one-of-a-kind London holiday. Head to Westminster Abbey for beautifully styled architecture packed with history, take a spin on the London Eye for an unforgettable view, and take a picture of your friends disappearing onto Platform Nine and Three-Quarters or strolling along Abbey Road.